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The Family coaching is tailored to the specific needs of your family in order to permanently integrate desired changes. Online from home, in your familiar surroundings, all family members develop solutions for conflict situations together. Already after the first coaching unit you start to independently integrate what you have learned and to apply it permanently. Since 1996 I have supported many families to solve their family, work and school challenges. The duration of an online coaching unit is 1 - 2 hours (€ 100/hour). Special prices are possible for the socially disadvantaged and institutions. Information about my studies and further education can be found here BIO.

Advantages of Online Coachings

Online coaching is just as effective as face-to-face. In your familiar home environment, you will develop solutions together. The duration of the coaching will be adapted to your concentration span. People who don't live in the same household can be connected and integrated if they wish.

Happy families report

Family Janssen

(May 2005)


Our formerly very tense family situation is now more carefree and happier. For me and my three children, the counseling has meant that we treat each other more carefully, show our feelings and try to hear and understand the needs of the other. We are in the process of firmly integrating this process into our family life and not falling back into the old behavior pattern even if we fail.

Family Engelhard

(June 2009)


Andreas is more independent when studying, to our delight his school grades have improved significantly. Martin also shows progress in independent learning. Your coaching has made me aware that the responsibility for my sons' academic achievements cannot and must not rest on my shoulders alone! This has significantly contributed to relaxation and harmonization in our family. The family meetings are also continued with us.

Family Feller

(February 2008)


The consultations with you gave my daughter and I very good impetus! Our daughter now organizes her afternoons with the various elements of homework, hobbies, tidying up, getting ready etc. independently and competently. As a mother, I have managed to let go and to transfer responsibility for these issues to my daughter. With very good results, both in academic performance and in our communication style.

Dr. C. Stierlen

(July 2006)


The entire family situation has relaxed, everyday life is much more harmonious with a significantly higher quality of living together. Her approach to empowering children has helped us all a lot.

Family Hofmann

(July 2007)


Family and work are a unit for me. In order to achieve my full potential, it is necessary for me that things are right in the family. Since we attended the seminar and individual consultations with you, I have found much more peace and strength in my family. My wife and children feel the same way. Thank you very much.

Dr. Mehringer, physician and psychotherapist


I got to know Nicolay's family coaching and it helped me a lot to solve existing disharmonies in my family to my satisfaction. I can recommend it very much. I'd say better take some coaching sessions early in a conflict than late. Then successes are faster and more likely.

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