Humanoid Robots
 teach error-free reading & writing

We develop the world’s first AI humanoids robot, teaching error-free reading & writing and averts students from reading and writing problems/Dyslexia. To reduce the number of Students with  spelling difficulties / Dyslexia by 95%.

LUTZ is optimized for human interaction to engage with people through conversation and his touch screen. LUTZ has voice and facial recognition. He can read body language and recognize basic human emotions. For example, if the child is focused and attentive, or worried. Lutz can act accordingly to cheer up the child and successfully teach it to read and write error-free.

Lutz can communicate in 15 languages. 

Learn strategy for error-free writing


LUTZ supports students examines which thinking strategy people with error-free reading and writing use and how this strategy differs from their own style. 

LUTZ the teaching robot gives exact instructions to the child, to store words, correct grammar, and the meaning of the word in the child's mind. Until the child accomplish to be able to write the school vocabulary error free, and to read it fluently. 

Words that have previously been stored incorrectly by the child will be re-learned with the help of LUTZ.



In 1996, children with spelling problems/dyslexia were able to write accurately in just ten simple lessons. They were utilizing the revolutionary Nicolay-Spelling-Method effectively eliminating the need for the 30-60 lessons typically offered by other dyslexia therapy programs. Teachers and therapists that Nicolay has trained were yielding equally good results. 

Since then tens of thousands of pupils have found their way back to correct spelling. Long therapy sessions for dyslexic children, which often led to serious mental health problems were no longer necessary. Children no longer needed to be fearful of pursuing their dreams because of reading and writing problems.

LUTZ Brain Efficiency Monitoring (BEM)



The LUTZ BEM device monitors the brain activity while the student is learning and analyzes if the student uses the proper brain area for error-free spelling. As a result, the student learns to use the efficient areas of the brain. 

If the student attention span decreases, LUTZ leads the student to relaxation and concentration exercises. 

The Brain Efficiency Monitoring (BEM) device ensures that spelling problems/Dyslexia, will be reduced in the student population by 95%.

LUTZ teaching in Classroom


Lutz will be the world’s first AI humanoids robot, teaching error-free reading a writing in the classroom, and averts students from reading and writing problems/Dyslexic. 

Lutz supports students in the following ways:

- To identify how the child is using their mind while learning how to read and write 

- How students with error-free reading and writing skills use their mind

- To become aware that they possess a thinking strategy for error-free reading and writing

First markets to open for LUTZ



First markets to open for the LUTZ robot will be the UAE-Dubai, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and the USA. These areas of the world already have a very high affinity for technology and edtech. 

In 2023 the first three LUTZ teaching robot will start to teach. The average learning time per student with each LUTZ robot is 15 hours to ensure correct spelling. Each LUTZ will teach 12 hours a day from 8 am to 8 pm.

In 2025 the mass manufacturing and production starts.

25 new Teaching-Robots will enter the market.

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