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Online Learning

Benefits of online coaching  are, the success comes just as quickly as with personal coaching. Your child is in his familiar home environment, which can be included in the support. Each learning unit is tailored to the length of the child's ability to concentrate. You as a parent can be included in the coaching, to receive practical instructions. This is a key guarantee for quick success. It requires 6 - 8 coaching sessions to convey the new learning strategy to the child. Your child can then learn vocabulary and grammatical rules in order to be able to read and write fluently and without errors. The price of the coaching will be adjusted to your income. Please call and use the free initial consultation.

In School Class

Every school child can learn to read and write properly in the classroom, also children with dyslexia. I've proved this since 1996, using the Nicolay teaching concept. In school classes and teacher training courses. Elementary schools, integrating the Nicolay teaching concept from the first grade on, enable all pupils to learn to read and write fluently and without spelling mistakes from the very beginning. This effectively prevents the emergence and spread of dyslexia. This is confirmed through references from schools and further training institutions, click here.

The Book

This book is a practical "self-help" guide for people of all ages who want to learn to read and write correctly and fluently. Also suitable for people with dyslexia/reading problems. It offers easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to acquire flawless spelling in all languages. The author focuses on teaching children through the use of a visually-based learning strategy as opposed to the traditional phonetic approach. Available in English and German language. Available in both hard-cover and Kindle Edition on Amazon . Available in iBooks from iTunes

Happy Family's report

Family Löffler

Now Nils' first year at middle school is over and with the help of Mr. Nicolay he could really improve. It's much easier for Nils to learn English.

Your approach has also been extremely helpful to us as parents, we have adjusted our demands and our expectations and thus also taken the pressure off Nils. Without this knowledge, our everyday life and dealing with the subject of school and Nils' achievements would still be a big problem

Family Geltendorf

The dictations in the third grade got significantly worse and also increased the general school frustration. At the end of the third grade, we took three coachings to improve spelling, but also to promote concentration, relaxation and self-organization.

Marc achieved grades A and B in the last dictations. It shows him that learning can and should be fun. After the first A in the dictation, Marc said to his dad: "I have Mr. Nicolay to thank for the A grad!"

Family Matejka

We are parents of a child affected by dyslexia. He attends therapy at the Arbeitskreis für Dyslexie, Bayern. But I feel like he's being taught there to accept that he'll never be able to write properly. I had the feeling that he had already accepted that to some extent. Our son is a very intelligent child. After just a few coaching sessions with you, my son's spelling mistakes have been reduced by half.

Family Härzer

Already after the first two coaching sessions, performance at school and with homework improved a lot, and this trend continues to this day. Since then, our daughter really enjoys going to school and is much less afraid of tests. The assessments have improved from poor to satisfactory too good.

Family Schmidt

Our daughter has dyslexia and after just a few sessions she made the transition to high school, where she only got good grades in foreign language dictations. I have recommended Mr. Nicolay to others on several occasions and have only received positive feedback from everyone.

Family Berisha

Especially in the subject German, the

grades were rather unsatisfactory, in dictations she always got a grade of 4 or even worse. After we visited you twice and learned all the words and rules for the next dictation exactly according to your instructions, Leila wrote the dictation with the grade 1.

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