BODY-MIND-AWARENESS supports children to improve their physical coordination, ability to concentrate and their mental and emotional balance. Dynamic group interactions promote team spirit and social skills. The games alternate between activities and periods of rest and stillness. In my 25 years as a teacher, I have observed that participation has resulted in improvements in learning outcomes, regardless of any prior learning problems.

BODY-MIND-AWARENESS has a positive impact on children with increased physical activity needs, who are often stigmatized in schools as ADHD hyperactivity. It prolongs their inner and outer balance and attention span. They can concentrate longer on your own or predetermined learning topics. Music, rhythm, the simplest materials and minimal instructions are the external framework. The games build on each other and present increasingly complex challenges from kindergarten through to high school.

BODY-MIND-AWARENESS also creates spaces in which the child can explore their innate talents, abilities and uniqueness to find their life theme. As well as experiencing one's own neediness and the areas in which it is less pronounced, where fears and self-doubt lie. The special abilities often lie just beneath their weaknesses, hidden like treasure. The earlier these are developed, the human being can live in harmony with himself and the world. To do what he/she is meant to be and to be comfortable in his/her own skin. Doubts and uncertainties accompany people who neither recognize their calling nor their path in life. Which is the right decision? Which, wrong? Is there even a right decision? I believe every child is born to discover and fulfill their own personal purpose in this life.

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