CV, studies, training

I've been a family coach since 1996, in my own practice and online. All family members participate in the coaching sessions together. Parents and their children first find out what they need for a happy and fulfilled life and learn to communicate this in an authentic, respectful and solution-oriented way. Together they then make agreements between parents and children and integrate this into their behavior and everyday life. A long list of references from satisfied families proves that these are consistently adhered to.

My CV differs from the conventional sequence of "Abitur, studies, job". Since this has essentially determined my professional activity, some of the formative stations are listed in my BIO.

Childhood and career choices

My life's journey began as a child with a clear vision to become a priest. I was impressed by the atmosphere I felt in churches, what was preached was less important to me. Because of too many spelling mistakes in the entrance exam, I was refused the study to become a priest. Because of this experience, I lost all perspective for my young life. What should I become? Which profession to take? I couldn't think of anything, I was just infinitely disappointed in the world. My school performance became poor, my circle of friends changed, now I surrounded myself with rebels who against false authorities in society and sometimes broke the law. My parents intervened and influenced me to study computer science, saying it was "the future - and a good income“. Without having any perspective of my own, I agreed, although technical things didn't interest me. After graduating, I founded a company for electronic security systems, developed patents, employed ten people and achieved financial success.

Turning point and new direction

At the peak of my rapid professional success, I fell seriously ill. In a near-death experience, I became aware that "I'm in the wrong movie" about my life. I realized the technical profession makes me miserable and if I wanted to be "healed", I had to find my to my true talents and goals and these live! During my stay in a holistic private clinic, the transition from work to vocation began. I dealt with central questions of life: What is illness? What health? Is there a meaning, a purpose for this life? How do I find there? I started studying psychosomatics and training in body therapy. I got more and more the feeling of finding my way in life. That gave me strength and confidence.

Path to become a family therapist and educator

Without knowing exactly where the path was leading, I decided to develop my career in this direction. I sold my company and began my journey into a new life. My financial independence gave me the opportunity to create my own study and training plan. From then on I traveled to different countries in the world - USA, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, India, and many more. – and I do this for my further education until today. At the Universities of Berkeley and Santa Cruz in California/USA, I attended courses in humanistic and transpersonal psychology, which gave me a fundamental understanding of human behavior. But what I was looking for, I did not find in lectures.Henceforth, I decided to seek out renowned authorities in psychology, neurology, communication and behavioral therapy, education and spiritual scholars. All of which had one thing in common, they were able to demonstrate visible and sustainable results in their area.

Because for me it is fundamentally unimportant what people say or claim to do - I only look at their observable behavior, what and how they do it and what results they achieve! "By their deeds you will know them.“ I've sat in their therapy rooms, seminars, and classrooms. I partly lived with the people I studied and did internships with. I stayed with them until their abilities became my abilities. From this I developed my individual, holistic family and pedagogical concepts, which I coordinated with the German social and educational system. In Germany, I have not attended any pedagogical or humanities universities and no relevant degree or title. At the beginning of my work, the challenge was to ask institutions to look at my practical experience and proven successes instead of the lack of titles. Which were quickly visible in family therapies, school classes, further training courses for therapists and teachers, which I have been providing at home and abroad since 1996.

Excerpt of my studies and training

  • Studies in Humanistic Psychology, Neurology, University of Berkeley and Santa Cruz USA.
  • Family therapy training according to Jesper Juul, Virginia Satir, etc.
  • Non-Violent Communication, with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Nada Ignjatovic, Christa Mor.
  • Transpersonal Psychology, with Dr. Stan Grof and Jiddu Krishnamurti, etc.
  • Communication and Behavioral Patterns, with Dr. Michael Grinder, Robert Dilts, Tony Robbins.
  • Release blockages in the spinal column and nervous system with Dr.McBride, Dr. Fleischer.
  • Iyengar yoga studies with Aadil Palkhivala, Michael Forbes and others
  • Meditation Training, Zen Monastery Obama, Japan, Vipassana Centers worldwide.

Three teachers who shaped my way of life and work